DCC’s Own Kadin Danch a Finalist in Art Contest


Zachary Schoeneman, Editor

At Central, it’s always a good thing to see one of our own succeeding at something, whether it’s an in-school activity or an out of school activity. Kadin Danch is no exception to this. During Danch’s art class with Mrs. Helman, he and his fellow classmates submit a piece of artwork to a website called “Artsonia,” which allows said artwork to be printed on things, such as mugs, t-shirts, or ornaments. The website chooses their “Artist of the Week,” from a randomly generated drawing of more than 54,000,000 artworks. The piece that Danch submitted was selected from this broad group as a finalist in the 10th grade through 11th grade catagory.


According to the e-mail that Mrs. Helman received from Artsonia, Danch was selected as a finalist, and needs our votes to be able to become the Artist of the Week. The Artist of the Week is featured on the Artsonia website, and receives a plaque dedicated to the Artist.  In addition to this, the winner receives a gift certificate worth $100 to the winning school, and $50 to the winning student. In order for Kadin to win, he needs our votes. Mrs. Helman encourages all of us to vote, though it’s only once per day per device. I personally voted, so I think you should to. It’s an honor to even be considered as a finalist, so even if Kadin doesn’t come out on top, we are still proud of his artwork and his high placement as a finalist.