National Trivia Day – How Much Do You Know About DCC?

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National Trivia Day – How Much Do You Know About DCC?

Sherry Anderson, Staff Writer

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January 4th is National Trivia Day.   In honor of that, here are some DCC trivia questions


  1. What year was the new school built? 
  2. How many total kids are in the high school? 
  3. What is Mrs Chollock’s favorite color? 
  4. What teacher has saved more than one life? 
  5. How many brothers does Mr. Rice have?
  6. What was the first musical Father Walk directed here? 
  7. What teacher belonged to the Nasty Girls trivia group? 
  8. How many middle school teachers are alumni? 
  9. Which elementary teacher has been a Catholic school teacher the longest? 
  10. How many brothers and sisters does Al Varacallo have? 
  11. Name the alumnus that comes back every year to help with the musical? 
  12. What is the nickname for the student section? 
  13. What adult ghost supposedly haunted the old building? 
  14. Which middle school teacher is known for rapping and yoga? 
  15. What is Mrs. Aravich’s favorite animal? 

Click Here for the Answers

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