DCC Teachers Awarded For Years of Service

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DCC Teachers Awarded For Years of Service

Sherry Anderson, Staff Writer

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Today we recognized the service of many of our teachers and staff at DCC.  An extraordinary example is Mrs. Kate (Healy) Kunkle who is celebrating her 45th year at Central.  She took a moment to mention that her students make it all worth while.

Also celebrating hallmark years were the following:

Laurie Zamperini for 25 years

Kristy Snyder for 20 years

Andy Chaplain for 20 years

Chris Felix for 15 years

Jodi Stewart for 15 years

Mike Micknis for 15 years

Andy Rice for 10 years

Jen Pisarcik for 5 years

Diane Himes for 5 years

Jenni Smith for 5 years


Jeff Booher for 5 years

They daily inspire us with their duty and dedication to making DCC a great education experience.


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