United Way Day Games End Spirit Week at DCC

CeCe Blasdell

Egan Peck, Staff Writer

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For DCC United Way Day is always full of fun and games. With multiple activities such as corn-hole, can-jam, the annual powder puff game and much more happening, the DCC students had something to do all day. All the students had their chances to be active, hang out with their friends, and play all sorts of games. The variety of games this year ranged from physical activities such as soccer, and volleyball to mental activities like chess and other board games. There was also Wii games that the middle school students could participate in. All in all all the games that the students participated in are a big part of what makes United Way Day great!

Every year there is a Powder Puff football game between the senior and junior girls. last year the now senior girls came away with a late win. This year with two very athletic classes it is sure to be a great game, and it will surely come to a great ending. Each year there are a few guys who coach the girls this year they are Jonathan Kurtz, Colin Barnett, and Johnny Ritsick as the junior coaches, and every boy will be helping coach for the senior team.

Games – Photos by Sherri Anderson and Jack Volpe


Powder Puff Football – Photos by Madi Gill

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