DCC United Way Day Skits Light Up the Day

Makenzie Park

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The talents of each class at DCC added to the fun of the humorous skits of the morning.  The theme this year was “The Movies” and each class took on a category of movies.  For example, the 7th grade did superheroes, the 9th grade did sci-fi and the seniors did horror.  The students all supported each other with laughter and applause.

Mrs. Kate Kunkle again is the adviser to the student council members who planned and orchestrated the day’s events.  She started this great community building week in 1978 and has been leading the way for 40 years.  Each year the students not only have fun doing these team building activities, but they support our local United Way.

The faculty even add their zany best to the stage towards the end of the performances.  This year teachers danced as pillow people, glow stick dancers, and did a special rendition of “Kung Fu Fighting”  Mrs. Donna Chollock and Mrs. Joyce Taylor, who have done the faculty skit every year they have been at Central, were there for their last performances since they are both retiring this year.

Below are links to the videos of these skits and a gallery of photos.  Enjoy the Cardinal Spirit of the day!

Photos by Rachel Aravich

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