DCC Mock Trial Competes at the Cathedral of Learning

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DCC Mock Trial Competes at the Cathedral of Learning

Egan Peck, Staff Writer

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This weekend the DCC mock trial team traveled to Pittsburgh to compete. The team traveled to The University of Pittsburgh and competed on January 5th, and 6th. The Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus was the host for this state wide tournament. The Cardinals went out with two wins and two defeats during their time at the tournament. The team fought hard as the defense won both of their matches and the prosecution team walked away with two close losses.

The DCC students who participated are listed below:


Anne Latuska, Harrison Starr, Isaac Gray, Rachel Miller, Maddie Miller, Maddie Mitscavich, Gwen Vida, JP Piccirillo, and Julianna Stine



Max Forcey, Alex Ochs, Ashley Mayes, Logan Clancy, Leyton Mangiantini, and Jake Snyder


Advisor: Carol Korthaus   Attorney Advisor: Ross Ferraro

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