10 Ways You Know You Went to a Catholic School

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10 Ways You Know You Went to a Catholic School

Makenzie Park, Senior Editor

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  1. Uniforms are unavoidable and are just a fact of daily life. You even appreciate how easy it is to get ready in the morning.
  2. You know everybody in your class.
  3. You go to Mass twice a week for years.
  4. Every school day had to begin with a morning prayer and the pledge.
  5. The songs sung at Mass always had hand motions to go along with it.
  6. Fundraising was a serious event! There was always a pizza party on the line!
  7. Getting a new kid in the class was a huge deal.
  8. Dress down days are a huge deal. (You can finally be comfortable.)
  9. Year after year the same grades would put on the same plays.
  10. You had the best teachers in the world and not ALL of them were priests or nuns.
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