7 Ways to Know it is Basketball Season at DCC

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7 Ways to Know it is Basketball Season at DCC

Egan Peck, Sports Editor

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Basketball season is seen as one of the more interesting times throughout the year here at DCC. Each and every year it is heavily anticipated by athletes, students, teachers and fans in our school. Here are seven ways to know that basketball season has arrived:

  1. DCC has the annual pep rally to open up the season
  2. The annual DCC Tip Off Tournament has begun
  3. Pictures of DCC basketball players that made the newspaper are hung up in the cafeteria
  4. Student section themes are being shared all over social media
  5. The announcements are filled with news about the teams latest games
  6. The halls are filled with talk of upcoming games
  7. After school lets out there is immediately  the sound of basketballs being dribbled in the gym
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