Can You Imagine a World Without Dance? DCC’s Footloose – the Musical Takes on This Concept


Sherry Anderson, Staff Writer

Kevin Bacon, who plays Ren McCormack in the movie Footloose, went undercover as a high school student to research for his role. He said that he ended up being treated just like his character is treated in the movie. Students at the school made fun of his hair, clothes, and whispered about him. He left after only 3 hours.

In DCC’s production of Footloose, Ren McCormack is the new kid who finds a way to fit in by fighting for the right to dance.  He helps fight the no dancing policy at their school so that their senior class can hold a prom. He even has to teach his classmates how to dance since they were never encouraged to do so.  His fight with the local minister and the dance lessons create a lot of fun in this lively musical.

Come and see it in the DCC auditorium.  Footloose will be preformed on March 29-30th and April 5-6th at 7 pm, and March 31st and April 6th at 2 pm.