DCC Students Appreciate their Teachers – (Video) Happy National Teachers’ Day!

Rachel Aravich, Staff Writer

Every year students take a day to appreciate our teachers. Our teachers do so much for us, and we never get to thank or recognize them for their time and effort. All the teachers that teach at this school try and push us to become the best versions of ourselves.

The teachers all get along with the students, and the personalities that each has makes the exchange easier. This day gives us more opportunities to thank and share memories with our favorite teachers.

Some of our students took time to say something nice about their favorite teachers:

“When I first started here, Mrs. C was really warm and welcoming. She talks to me at least 20 minutes everyday.”

“I appreciate that Mr. Rice always tries to make his class interesting with different types of videos and different fun ways to teach.”

“Mrs. Dutra, you’re very caring, supportive, and a great teacher to have class with. Thank you for everything you do for students and the school.”

“Ms. Helman is so nice and is always trying to help students in anyway she can. Also she is very understanding.”

“Mrs. Blasdell I love how kind and thoughtful you are. You are the nicest teacher ever.”

“Mrs. Kunkle is a wonderful teacher who always inspires students to do their best and be themselves. She truly helps students be the best they can be.”

“Mr. Micknis your classes were always very engaging and fun. You made learning interesting no matter what the topic was, you were always prepared with a witty remark. Thank you for teaching me.”

“Miss. Snyder you have helped me out so much this year and I’m so grateful for all your help. Thank you for always listening to my problems. I’m going to miss you next year.”

“I love all of my teachers at DCC, but Mr. Murphy allows us to voice our opinions. He also treats us like real people and allows us to have intellectual conversations. His class is interesting and fun, which makes us want to learn.”

“Our teachers here always show that they care about us as students and people. They want the best for us and do their best to make sure we always understand the lesson concepts, as well as that they’re here for us.”

As you can see, we would be lost without our teachers. From the DCC family, we hope that every teacher realizes how much we love and appreciate them!