DCC Wishes Auf Wiedersehen to Herr Andrew Chaplin


Egan Peck, Staff Writer

After 21 years Central will be losing one of its much loved teachers, Herr Chaplin to retirement. Andrew Chaplin has taught German to high school students and to 6th grade students at DCC for over two decades. Many students will recall the fun times they have had in his class just at the mention of his name, showing how appreciated he is at our school.

Andrew Chaplin recieved his B.S. in English at the University of Notre Dame and Zertifikat at the University of Heidleberg. He was a proud member of the United States military as well.

Every student, teacher or parent walking through the DCC hallways knows the man who matches the name of “Herr Chaplin” and knows of his legacy as a teacher and mentor for DCC students over the years.

We wish Herr Chaplin the best of luck as he moves onto the next stage of his life and can only hope that we will receive the honor of his visits in the oncoming years.