DCC Students Prepare for Trip to China


The day after school finishes for the year, our group of Central travelers will be leaving at 5AM for Beijing, China. The trip will last for 10 days and give students a chance to see historic sites and to learn about the culture and language of China. Aside from Beijing, students will see the cities of Xi’an and Shanghai. Students will also get a chance to experience the Great Wall, Tianamen Square, the Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs and a “HuTong”. A Hutong is a traditional long alleyway littered with little mom & pop shops and restaurants.

According to Mrs. Irene Gankosky, “We are taking an overnight train ride to Yaanxi to visit a Chinese school. Students will also get a chance to meet young people and see how they live. I teach English online to Chinese students. The students that I teach are going to meet with us and some of them are having us over to their homes for snacks and games.”

The travelers for this trip are Emily and Elizabeth Williams, Alex and Megan Ochs, Daniel Cooley, Ellen and Aaron Gankosky. Some fun activities listed on the itinerary for this trip include an acrobatics performance, Peking duck dinner, calligraphy lesson, and learning Tai Chi. Dan Cooley, a current junior at DCC said, “I am looking forward to experiencing the culture and trying out my Chinese language skills.

Next year’s trips is already in the planning stages. It is a trip to Eastern Europe and will include the cities of Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest. Contact DCC Foreign Language teacher Mrs. Irene Gankosky for further information.