DCC 7th Grade Science Students Learn to Collaborate

Mrs. Kruise

Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Mrs. Gressler used her Wednesday block periods as a fun way to both get to know her students better and allow them to get to know each other better. She split the students up into separate “houses” in her classroom so the students had a chance to bond with the other students who were in their house while practicing collaboration and communication skills.

She had set up 4 stations throughout her room where the students spent about 8 minutes at each station. The first station was “Jenga Talk” which is where they answered questions about themselves while playing Jenga. The next station was “Play Dough Sculpt” which gave the students a way to be a little more on the artistic side. They made something out of play dough that they felt represented them. The third station was cup stack which was a more challenging station. The students had to find ways to stack cups without the use of their hands. The final station was called “Save Sam.” Sam is a worm who they had to get into a life vest using only the materials that were provided.

The stations were a fun way for the students to develop their teamwork skills and to get to know each other better.