Senior Spotlight: Jordan Kosko


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Jordan has been attending Dubois Central Catholic since pre-school. She is a very active in high school sports, she is involved in volleyball, cross country, basketball, and softball.

Jordan is very gifted when it comes to the arts. In her free time she likes to work on her art skills to improve her sketching and painting skills. When Jordan has time to unwind she also likes to exercise as much as she can.

She loves her softball family with her whole heart that her favorite memory was when they went to the state championships.

Jordan is definitely going to college but isn’t quite sure where she is going but she wants to major in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or sports medicine.

One statement that she would like to share with underclassman is “Don’t let fear stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. Push yourself to make you the best you, you can be”.

If Jordan could change one thing about her high school experience it would be for her to have worried less. She said “Yes, make sure your grades are where they are supposed to be, but have a good time. You are with your classmates for 4 years, do as much as you can to make those memories that will last a lifetime.”

Jordan is a hard working a caring person that she will do great things within her lifetime.