DCC Soccer Starts the Season with Great Coaches


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

This years soccer team at DCC is coached by three outstanding coaches. The school was looking for a coach, and that’s when Phill Esposito volunteered and stepped up. His dad and his sister joined to help the soccer team, Coach Rich and Coach Julie.

So far the Cardinals have lost 2 games and have won 1. The beginning was a little rough just because the team was still having new people join. From the first day of soccer practice to right now, a lot of improvement has happened.

When they won their first game against West Forrest, the team finally felt that their hard work had paid off. There are going to be many more challenges in this season but with the help of theses great coaches DCC  will for sure reach their goals.

One of the team’s biggest goals for the season is making it to the playoffs. With confidence and hard work, they may just accomplish it.

The captains for this year are Colin Barnett and Tristan Engle. The seniors on the team this year are Rachel Aravich, Colin Barnett, Tristan Engle, Parker Meholick, Johnny Ritsick, Shane Paisley, and Alex Ochs.