DCC 8th Graders Learn about the Water Cycle


Rachel Aravich, Staff Writer

The two middle school science teachers did a very interesting and hands on activity with their 8th grade students on the complexity of the water cycle. Mrs. Gressler and Mrs. Stringer brought their classes together to pretend that they were water molecules and moved to different destinations (which were the lab tables) where water is found, like soil, clouds, ocean, plants, animals, groundwater, glaciers, and streams.

Then the students would roll dice to see which of  the next natural destinations they would travel to. There are many ways that water moves on this earth and doing this activity helped the students understand the concept.

What they learned from this activity was that the water cycle does not always have an exact path that it travels and that sometimes water stays in one place for long periods of time. Also they learned water can be a complex subject depending on how far they dive into the topic.  Students discovered that the water cycle isn’t just as simple as it rains and then evaporates.  There is a intricate cycling of water on our amazing planet.