DCC Welcomes New High School Math Teacher – Mr. A. J. Zelenky


Sam Harris, Staff Writer

Mr. A. J. Zelenky is the new high school math teacher at DuBois Central Catholic. Central is not new to him though, since he is a DCC alumnus of the class of 2015.  He received his degree in mathematics from  Saint Francis University. In addition to  being qualified in  math, he is also able to teach chemistry and physics classes.

Mr. Zelenky comes from a small family of his parents and himself, but  remarks on how important his larger DCC family was to him when he was a student. So, naturally, he is happy to be back as a  staff member.

In his spare time, he collects coins, and hopes to share this hobby with students as an activity.

He sees his biggest struggle going into the school year as accomplishing both his teaching goals and being able to also help advise the National Honor Society. He has many classes to teach alongside NHS, and only wishes to do a good job at both.