New Activities for Thursday Block!


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Every Thursday, the students only have periods 5-8. The classes are double the length of their usual 40 minute class. After they have their block period classes, they get to participate in the activity of their choice.

This week, the majority of the seniors will practice their class skit with Mrs. Korthaus as their activity. Mr. Zelenky is going to be advising a coin collecting club. He has been collecting coins for years himself, and it’s great that he gets the chance to talk to interested students about it because it is a fascinating hobby to get into.

Almost every student at Central is busy at all time and may struggle to find time to relax throughout the day, luckily, Mrs. Stringer is holding meditation as her activity. This gives students the chance to have time filled with peace within their hectic schedule. Mr. Hrinya is having cards and games in his room. This is a popular activity for students because, similar to meditation, it gives them the chance to do something fun and calming after a long day.

Mrs. Gardner, the art teacher, is of course holding art club in her classroom. Many students participate in art class so they enjoy spending even more time working on art projects. Mr. Rice is holding trivia in his room for students who want to challenge themselves in a fun way. Mrs. Gankosky will be holding “The World on Our Doorstep” where she is giving an overview of the trip to China that some students enjoyed in early June. She plans on taking students on another trip this summer to Eastern Europe so she will be giving information on that.

Overall, it’s exciting that students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of fun activities.