DCC Senior Spotlight: Maia Cogley

Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Maia has been attending DuBois Central Catholic since Kindergarten. One big club that Maia is proudly a part of is NHS. She participates in many sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball. Then cross-country is her secondary sport.

She works part-time at Bucks in DuBois PA. Whenever Maia has free time, she likes to get comfortable with a good snack and watch a movie to relax. Also another way she spends her free time is hanging out with her great friends and doing fun activities with them.

So far the highlights on Maia’s journey throughout high school are all of the dances our school offers, like the Cardinal and Prom. She likes to go to the dances and dance like nobody’s watching, making memories with her friends with lots of laughter.

As of right now, Maia is still unsure where she wants to attend college, but she is sure of what she wants to major in which would be pharmacy.

One bit of advice Maia would like underclassmen to know is “to keep working hard and have fun because it goes by fast”. Maia wouldn’t change anything about her high school experience expect for maybe more opportunities to go to places. This is a hard working and independent student, and she will definitely accomplish great things.