DCC Students Attended PFEW This Summer


Holly Deemer, Staff Writer

This summer alone, over 1,900 high school students from all over Pennsylvania joined together for Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). PFEW is a one week program offered for 4 separate weeks allowing students to explore the world of free enterprise.

This summer, 5 DCC students attended PFEW after learning about it from a representative. Juniors Maria Werner and JoAnne Case attended week 2 together. “It was truly a life changing experience, I made many new friends and learned wonderful things,” says Maria. Juniors Holly Deemer, Hannah DeCarlo, and Chelsea Busatto attended week 3 as a group.

PFEW is held by Lycoming College and Penn College of Technology. The event is completely paid for by generous sponsors in the area giving students an affordable experience. Nearly 500 students attend each week and they are divided into 24 companies. Each company is required to create a product using specific materials.
“I was on the marketing team and created a radio ad for my company,” Holly Deemer recounts. The business was divided into 2 branches: marketing and finance. Students were given the option to join a branch and elect their CEO.

PFEW isn’t a business camp, it is much more that. Students throughout the week hear 12 speakers including CEOS from large companies, motivational speakers, and even a burn victim. Throughout the week, students learn lessons about life and relationships.

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week is a life changing event for incoming juniors and seniors. Dates for summer 2020 have been announced and applications are open now!