DCC Seniors Bond as a Class at Annual Retreat


Shane Paisley, Staff Writer

This past Friday the senior class gathered at New Providence Beach in Treasure Lake for their class retreat with teachers, Mrs. Dutra and Mrs. Korthaus and special guest, Fr. Ross. The day started with a class competition. Groups of three sat at a table and held hands. The outside people worked together to make a peanut butter sandwich and fed it to the person in the middle. The group that finished their sandwich the fastest was declared the winner.

Next, Fr. Ross handed out a packet filled with songs, a story, and a labyrinth in the middle. The class listened to one of the songs out of the packet and broke down the meaning of the lyrics in each line. The class then moved deeper into the packet and started to work on the labyrinth. After this, the class made their way over to the beach where a Mass was held.

After the Mass, everyone took a break while lunch was prepared. During this time multiple games were played, including volleyball, Kan Jam and cornhole.

When everyone was done eating, everyone gathered under the pavilion and read a short story out of the packet. The last thing that the class did during the retreat was a bible word search competition, and the winners received a package of gummy bears.

There were many opportunities to appreciate each other and history we share.  We also had time to reflect on some bigger questions as we finish our high school years and move forward into a new part of our lives.