Exciting Week for Mrs. Stringer’s Biology Classes!


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Mrs. Stringer’s AP Biology class is doing a unit on organelles. An organelle is a specialized structure within a cell. They are crucial for the survival of cells which is why her classes are taking the time to do projects on them. As a fun activity, she had her classes create dating profiles for the organelle that they are assigned. They are calling it a “cell-fie” where they also came up with pick-up lines and a theme songs that would best represent their organelle.

The students were assigned an organelle and then went through 2-minute ice-breaking sessions with the other organelles. During these quick sessions, they asked them questions like “where are you from?”, referring to their location in the cell, or “what are your bad habits?”, meaning what would happen if they over-function or if they were to die. After these sessions took place, they answered questions relating to which organelle they thought would be their best match and why. Some students chose an organelle that didn’t choose them. For instance, Christopher Uhl as the ribosomes chose the E.R. which did not choose him. However, the cell membrane (Maddie Klark) and the cell wall (Harrison Starr) chose each other due to their similar functions.

Another entertaining activity Biology students did this week was “organelle elections.” Each pair was assigned an organelle to promote “The best organelle in the cell.” They came up with everything you would find in a professional campaign from posters to flyers, and they even wrote speeches on why people should vote for them, which were performed for the fifth and sixth graders. All of the pairs had made convincing points as to why people should vote for their organelle. The fifth and sixth graders will vote for them which will determine the winner of the elections.