DCC Students Visit Miller Fabrication Companies


Bella Mangiantini, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 4th, Juniors, Nick Swisher, Cade Peck, Zach Spellen, Sean Duke, Abby Shepler, Hannah DeCarlo, Chelsea Busatto, Derek Strouse, and Paris Farley, under the supervision of Mrs. Karrie Miller were able to experience what happens in the Miller Fabrication Companies.

The students were able to see and understand how the welding and powder coating processes work. They learned about the training required to go into this field of work. The training consists of 4-6 weeks of learning basic knowledge of how to use the technology and machinery in the workspace. Once training has been completed, the trainee will then begin their job at the factory.

The students had a great time learning about this industry and the jobs available, and ended the day with some delicious Bob’s Subs.

Photos by Paris Farley