Don’t Rush Through Ice and Slush – DCC’s Plow Design

Don't Rush Through Ice and Slush - DCC's Plow Design

Sam Harris, Staff Writer

This is the second year that Dubois Central Catholic has been participating in the Paint the Plow contest hosted by Penndot, and this is the second year that the students have beautifully and dutifully done their job in designing an adorable – yet effective – illustration to go on the plow.

The plow depicts three disgruntled penguins that seem to have taken a tumble (initial design drawn by Juliana Stine), accompanied by the colorful text: “Don’t Rush through Ice and Slush”.

The plow was primarily painted by the seniors and studio art students, but there was also help from juniors and sophomores, as well as some middle schoolers that were pooled into the mix. All in all, this year’s design is eye-catching and effectively gets across the message that the driver’s safety is especially important in the winter months.