Central Welcomes Storyteller, Robin Moore!


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Robin Moore visited Central on Friday, October 11th to talk to grades K-8th. He is a well-renowned storyteller and has presented more than 5,000 storytelling programs to children. He has made his living as a storyteller, author, and teacher of writing and storytelling skills. He has written several books including The Cherry Tree Buck, and When the Moon is Full. He was once named National Storyteller of the Year and Author of the Year by the Pennsylvania School Librarians. Every year, students look forward to hearing him.

He helped the 8th graders set up a tipi. He used the tipi as a teaching space for the kids where he was also able to talk about how he has become a storyteller. Robin himself grew up in a family of great storytellers and so for over 35 years, Mr. Moore has helped children to uncover their own storytelling traditions. Throughout the day, students in grades K-8 were taking their turns going down to the gym where they listened to Mr. Moore’s fascinating stories.