Kindergarten Heads Into the Woods For Fall Fun


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

The Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Pompeii took their classes to Parker Dam State Park on Thursday. It was a fun filled day with a bunch of activities. The field trip was for the children to learn about the 5 senses.

To learn about the first sense see, they took a camouflage walk keeping their eyes open for walking sticks. Next, for hearing, they played the fox and bunny game. Then for smell they took a walk dedicated to what you smell in the air like the trees or plants like mint. For touch, they played the raccoon game which is where you put a bunch of different objects in a bag and a child puts their hand in to feel around and guess what is it. Finally, for taste, what’s a better way to learn taste then having lunch?

It was a great field trip and the students learned a lot and had a fun time.