8th Grade Find There are Many Winners in ‘Game of Drones’


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Mrs. Gressler’s 8th-grade STREAM class and Mrs. Kramer’s Robotics class had a competition on who could get the most points in a series of drone activities. It was called ‘Game of Drones’ due to it being themed based on the popular television show ‘Game of Thrones’. The drones were to defeat winter by destroying fire and ice, racing, dodging nerf darts, and completing a blind driving obstacle course. Not only did the students learn a lot about drones, but they also further developed their team working skills, collaboration, and communication skills.

Following the drone contest, Mrs. Gressler and Mrs. Kramer handed out several awards to the different groups.  Awards were also given for communication which the students found was a very important part of reaching their goals.  They also awarded an MVP prize.

The students surprised their teachers because even as competitors they cheered each other on.  They also discussed the careers available now with drones and the many that have not even been considered.