The Intersection of Art and Anatomy


Sam Harris and Dr. Amy Way

Mrs. Gardner joined Dr. Way’s Anatomy and Physiology class to teach the class how to use art to learn the bones of the skeleton. Bones have a lot of detail, and the students are learning not only each bone, but many of the markings on the bones. Mrs. Gardner began with a brief example as she drew the inside of the skull. The students were encouraged to draw what they saw, not what they thought it should look like. She explained shading to create dimension.

This was not only to help the students of the class learn about the bones and the functions of them, but it was also to allow them to be more creative and learn about art in a fun and applicable way. “It’s important for students to understand what learning strategies work best for them” says Dr. Way. “One goal that I have for this year is to help the students discover which learning styles work best for them.”