Student Spotlight- Holly Deemer PFEW Ambassador

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Student Spotlight- Holly Deemer PFEW Ambassador

Madison Gill, Editor

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Holly Deemer is a PFEW (Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week) Ambassador.  As a PFEW Ambassador, she has the opportunity to grow as a young professional and to share the power and value of the PFEW program with prospective students.

She first heard about  PFEW when Michelle Warofka visited DCC and informed students about this wonderful opportunity. When she heard about this opportunity, she was immediately interested because she had hopes the program would help build her college résumé and build new friendships with others.

PFEW is a program where students all around Pennsylvania attend a week of being in a “company”. Each student is in a company of around 15-20 people, and each company will then produce a fake product that corresponds with the category they had been assigned. Each team creates their product, advertises it, and markets it. Holly’s company had the category of outerwear, and their product was a coat with a backpack built into it. She thought that the company’s idea was “innovative and was a very cool idea”.

During the week, Holly not only worked with her company on the products but listened to many speakers. Over the course of the week she listened to 12 speakers whose topics focused on government, business, finance, marketing, depression, and struggle. Holly’s personal favorite speaker was Jeff Yalden, a motivational speaker who shared stories about mental illness and struggles, but also says that David Flood was a close second.

Holly is very thankful that she was able to attend PFEW and learned many important skills. She learned about marketing and business, developed stronger leadership/teamwork skills; and it even opened her eyes to a possible career choice for the future. Most importantly Holly says “I enjoyed working with my team and creating new friendships”.

Holly strongly recommends anyone thinking of attending PFEW to apply. She says that it is “one of the best weeks of your life and can open your eyes to many opportunities”. Even if you aren’t interested in business the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week can help you strengthen teamwork and leadership skills.


She would also like to inform everyone that Applications for the 2020 Summer for incoming juniors and seniors are open.  It is a one week program in Williamsport, PA. Held at both Lycoming College and Penn College of Technology.  4 weeks are held at Lycoming, 1 at PennTech.


We are Cardinal Proud of you, Holly! Glad you had such a wonderful experience at PFEW!