Happy Thanksgiving from the DuBois Central Catholic Family


Thanksgiving is a great time to be grateful for family.  We are blessed to have them, but they also can be frustrating or at least challenging.  This is something we experience every day at Central with the closeness that comes from small groups spending years together and truly getting to know each other like brothers and sisters. But being a Central Family is also one of the greatest gifts we all experience.  Here is a list of 10 ways we are family, some will make you smile, some will make you laugh, and some will make you recognize your own family.  At DCC, we are grateful for our wonderful family and wish blessings for you and your family.

  1. Students look out for each other. So do staff, but there’s a sort of student-to-student interaction that really makes it feel like you’re siblings with your best friend, or like you’ve known someone your whole life. Teachers play the role of being like parents – strict, but fair, and always there to lend a hand.
  2. We share too much. Waaaay too much. Literally everything. Please try to not share water or food with your peers, especially during the cold and flu season that we’re currently in.
  3. Kids learn from each other. The younger students are always impressed by what the older kids do, and it makes an impact on how the young ones behave. This can be fun, or helpful, or quite annoying, but it’s a truth nonetheless. Through the year there are several opportunities for us to interact, and both ages enjoy it.
  4. We always seem to gravitate back to Central. Graduates of this school will come back to visit with the teachers and their old classmates every so often, and are very frequently the instructors who are teaching here. Many of the teachers went to this school, and liked it so much they came back! Give the staff some love, they deserve it for everything they do.
  5. The events here really bring the students together. There are many things that the kids do together to make their classes grow as a community and a family. United Way Day, and Spirit Week , Cardinal-thon, all school Masses, sports, musicals, and activities, just to name a few of the ways that kids come together to work as a team and as a family.
  6. Not only are our student and teacher relationships family-like, so are the sporting teams, and clubs here at DCC. When a group of students get together from DCC, teamwork is one of our specialties. All of the students get along and work together to win the game/get the best results/find a solution.
  7. We all spend so much time together. There is always something school-related going on outside of regular school hours. Whether it’s practices or scouts or helping with an event that supports the school, we do it together.
  8. Considering we are in a relatively small school, we are very close to each other. Every student knows every person in their grade really well, sometimes too well. If we were in a public school, this probably wouldn’t be possible because the class sizes would be so much larger.
  9. Teachers give the students the love and attention that they may not receive at home. They are like the aunts and uncles who find spare time to take an interest in our hobbies and dreams. They encourage us and help us every day.
  10. Family is all about talking someone’s ear off, laughing and getting along one minute and getting the silent treatment, crying and not getting along the next. Family is about going on a journey called life together with better understanding. When we are at school every day, we can encounter the same thing because at school we are a family, we are Central. In the end, if we stick around long enough to work through the differences of opinion and different stages of maturing with prayer and patience, someone always gives us a reason to be happy. And we always know we are going to be fine because in school we are loved not only by our Central family, but also by God who is with us always and loves us no matter what kind of day we encounter.