Senior Spotlight: Tristan Engle


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Tristan has been attending DCC since 6th grade. He participates in soccer, tennis, and basketball. Tristan is also apart of the Mock Trial Team and the Senior Class Play (The Baseball Show). When he has free time he likes to hang out with the boys and partake in hardcore minecrafting.

Out of all Tristan’s high school memories, his favorite is when Johnny hit an insane dinger into the AED machine. He isn’t quite sure where he wants to attend college or what he wants to major in, but Tristan definitely wants to go. Then after college he wants to live a successful life.

One tip of advice Tristan would like underclassmen to know is “enjoy school, you don’t get a second chance”. If Tristan could go back and change anything about his high school experience it would be to actually appreciate being at school with his friends and not envy the people who have already graduated.