Work Force Solutions Works with Fourth and Fifth Grades

Dan Cooley, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, January 29th, Colleen Prechtl, Career Counselor for Work Force Solutions of North Central PA visited the fourth & fifth grade students of DuBois Central Catholic.

Prechtl visits different schools in the area to speak about skills required for future careers and jobs.  The fourth and fifth grade students met with her in the elementary library and utilized Breakout Box Education which is a type of puzzle where students work together to open a locked box.  When asked what employers are looking for in their field of work, Prechtl responded, “Employers are looking for employees who show up on time and possess the ability to manage their time.  Employees with these abilities then can be trained.  It is also important for employees to be creative thinkers and problem solvers.”

DCC’s elementary principal, Carol Bernat responded to Prechtl’s assisstance with the fourth and fifth grade as such: “We enjoy the educational resource Work Force Solutions provides because it is in alignment with what we teach here at DCC, critical thinking, communication skills, teamwork and career readiness.”