DCC Teachers Take Time to Learn New Ways to Spice Up Their Lessons


This past week, our teachers learned new and exciting ways to spice up their classes during the in-service opportunities.

On Thursday, teachers enjoyed hearing about the many ways Workforce Solutions can add to their lessons by bringing in speakers, leading activities, and offering field trips connecting to local businesses.  The presenters helped teachers see how any age group from K-12 could benefit from the connections they provide.  They also presented apprenticeship opportunities for our older students.

On Friday, Jeff Kuntz, a well respected Punxsutawney teacher, shared his ideas for adding a “wild card” to classroom activities.  He also shared ways to create a positive learning environment.  Teachers had fun with the items in his “brainstorming baskets”, and many discussed ways they could use similar ideas in their own classrooms. His lessons involved focusing on engagement, reflection, and having a growth mindset.

Another group of teachers attended BCAT for a presentation by CenClear involving how to work with students and emotional issues.  During one activity, they practiced asking questions that help students express their feelings.

Each chance to learn new ideas or to work on reaching students better and with greater compassion was embraced by this amazing group of educators.