Senior Spotlight: Shayleigh Gulvas

Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Shayleigh has been attending DuBois Central Catholic since preschool. Her top three favorite sports are volleyball, basketball, and softball. She has been in NHS (National Honors Society) since freshman year. In her free time she likes to watch scary movies on Netflix, play with her nephew Easton, and hangout with her friends.

A couple of her favorite school memories are going to the State Championship for softball, having dance parties in the locker room before basketball games, and every memory she’s made with her friends throughout the years.

Shayleigh has decided to attend Seton Hill after she graduates high school to continue her softball career. One tip of advice Shayleigh would like to share with underclassmen is “enjoy high school and hangout with your friends as much as you can. Never wish it away because once you’re done, you won’t get these days back.”

Shayleigh wouldn’t change anything about her years of school! She has had so much fun, and she will be sad that it’s going to end soon.