Mrs. Kramer brings “Shark Tank” to the Classroom as Seventh Grade Learns about Industrial Revolution


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

Mrs. Kramer comes up with countless ways of entertaining her students as they learn new lessons and skills. Recently as her students were learning about the Industrial Revolution, she had them research and do presentations on inventions from the era.  Instead of having them do just any presentation, they acted as if they were on the famous show, Shark Tank. She started the project by introducing her students to the show.

Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs get to show off their creativity to a panel of judges as they display their very own inventions. Mrs. Kramer incorporated this into her classes as she had them do presentations on the invention which they researched to a ‘panel of judges’ (other teachers). It was overall a captivating way for the students to further their knowledge of the Industrial Revolution while using their persuasion skills to showcase their devices/contraptions.