Senior Spotlight: Johnny Ritsick


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Johnny has attend DuBois Central Catholic since ninth grade, he transferred from DuBois Area. He is involved in mock trial, student council (president), senior class play, elementary running club (assistant coach), cashier at Martins, and helper at church services at Lakeside United Methodist Church. He runs cross country and track and field and plays soccer and tennis,.

In Johnny’s free time he works, lifts, hangs out with the boys on Saturday nights, plays sports, runs, fishes, goes four wheeling, plays Xbox, and films for the end of the year McFarland movie with the boys. His favorite high school memory is when Tristan smashed a gymnasium light with a soccer ball and when Johnny “accidentally” hit a dinger into the AED machine with a tennis ball.

After he graduates high school he plans to attend Slippery Rock University to major in Environmental and Earth Geosciences and minor in either Geology or Business Management. He also plans to take Army ROTC classes so he has a chance to be an officer in the Army and serve our country in some way. If he chooses not to be an officer, he can take leadership class credits too.

If Johnny could change anything about his high school experience, he wishes that he would’ve appreciated being in high school more, that he hung out more with all his friends, that he would’ve lifted and ran as hard as he did his senior year when he was a freshman.

He had an awesome ride at Central and the only thing he would’ve done differently would be switching to Central earlier in his life so he could’ve been around his amazing classmates and friends longer.