DCC Kindergarten Classes Continues to Learn and Have Fun


Jaci Mennetti, Staff Writer

DCC’s kindergarten classes have continuously been learning new things, despite not being in school. This week, Mrs. Pompeii read to her students the picture book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” Following this, she taught them how to draw a bear. Then, the students were instructed to put their drawings in their windows. Mrs. Pompeii has hers swinging on her front porch. She hopes her students spot it when they are on a drive someday.

The classes also worked on learning the letter x as well as new sight words. ‘Sight words’ are words that should be recognized at a glance, rather than having to sound them out. They additionally painted windows, played outside with kits, rode bikes, and took walks. Regardless of the quarantine, this group doesn’t stop learning or having fun.

Both  Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Pompeii have made Facebook pages for their class so parents, students, and teachers can share pictures and stories.  There are a lot of smiling faces on those pages and amazing learning experiences too!