DCC Student Essential Workers


Madison Gill, Editor

During this time many of our DCC students have their online school work, but also have their essential jobs to attend. These students are working in customer service, landscaping, or work in nursing homes, and despite many safety precautions these students are still hard at work. These students aren’t newbies at their jobs but have never worked when anything was quite like this.

Holly Deemer, a junior, has worked at Sheetz for over a year. She explained that policies and procedures are constantly being changed and added to ensure the safety of customers and employees. Holly said she has been working more frequently but is making sure to follow all guidelines to keep herself, coworkers, and customers happy and healthy.

Lindsey Reiter, a senior, has worked at Christ The King Manor for almost a year now. She said that many policies at her job have changed since the pandemic. Despite all of the policy changes Lindsey still has fun helping out the patients.

Cierra Stom, a senior, has worked at Mini Mart for 2 years. She has been going to work and following the policies and guidelines, but sometimes feels unsafe because customers do not follow social distancing rules.

Maria Werner, a junior, has worked at The Meadows for 2 years. She says they are taking all precautions such as wearing masks and constantly sanitizing things, but is glad to be back to work after being closed for a  period of time.

Derek Strouse, a junior, has worked at Biggies Quality Meats for almost 2 years. The store is all currently pick up, but he is still wearing a mask and keeping everything clean.

Zach Spellen, a junior, does landscaping and is lucky enough that his job is not impacted by COVID-19. Since he does not make physical contact with anyone he has been able to attend work without any issues!

Chelsea Bussato, a junior, has worked at Christ The King Manor for 7 months. She said it’s been interesting working because how they transport and take residents out of their room is very different from anything she has experienced before.

Jaci Menetti, a junior, has worked at AmPm Personal Care Home for almost a year. Jaci said it has been an interesting experience trying to balance work and school. Especially because she has been on the schedule due to short staff.

JoAnne Case, a junior, has worked at Doolittle’s Creamery for a year. She says it has been weird learning all the new procedures but has been adjusting well to working during this time.

Loren Way, a junior, has worked at Giant Eagle for around 3 months. He said everyone who has come to the store has been very nice to him and the other employees for being essential workers.

Thank you to our students who have been finding a balance between their jobs and school and a big thank you to all essential workers doing their jobs during these unprecedented times.

We are Cardinal Proud of you, Student Essential Workers! Continue the hard work while being safe.