Student Spotlight: Alex Ochs


Rachel Aravich, Senior Editor

Alex has been attending DuBois Central Catholic since 6th grade, she transferred over from Christ Dominion Academy. She is involved in track, soccer, tennis, and cross country. Alex is the senior class secretary, the student council treasurer,  president of the rotary interact club, and a member of the National Honor Society, Lead and Seed, and Mock Trial.  She does liturgical dance and has a lead role in the school’s musical Cinderella. She has also done PJAS for 5 years.  

In her free time, she loves to cook and bake, plays with her ducks, and goes on a lot of walks.  She loves arts and crafts and has recently taken up sewing. Some of her favorite school memories include racing rolly chairs down the hallway, cutting Beef’s hair, and playing DCC student Pictionary.

Her plans for after she graduates high school is to attend Saint Francis for a bachelor’s in Chemistry. One piece of advice she’d like to share with underclassmen is “Be present in the moment. You don’t get any do-overs so if you spend all of her high school years stressing and worrying you’re missing out on so many opportunities. Love the people around you and instead of focusing on electronics focus on those who love you. Say yes to new experiences and always be open to change”.

If Alex could do anything different in high school she wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to fit in with people who didn’t understand her. She wasted so much time trying to be someone else so others would like her, and she definitely doesn’t recommend it. There are so many amazing people at DCC, so as soon as she found her group, she was 100% happier.