DCC Class of 2020 Takes Their Final Walk Through the School


A tradition for seniors at DCC is a final walk through the building the last day of school.  The seniors start in the primary wing and work their way through the building to the high school.  In years past the students from preschool through high school would cheer them on with high fives and congratulations leading to hugs and tears in the high school wing. This year was a little different with just the seniors taking the walk and only teachers cheering them on throughout the building.

To make things more festive during this year’s senior walk, Mrs. Bernat, elementary principal and Mrs. Burley, the elementary secretary hung graduation robes through the hallways with pictures of the students on the top.  Adding to the graduation mural that last year’s seniors painted in the high school hallway.

God Bless the Class of 2020 as they graduate today, Sunday, May 24!  We are Cardinal Proud of all of you!