DCC’s First Outdoor Classroom


Michaela Armanini , Writer

DCC unveils its first outdoor classroom with funding provided by the A.J. and Sigismundo Palumbo Charitable Trust. The Trust has been very supportive of DCC over the years.

The purpose of the classroom is to provide an alternative to conventional learning, and for this year, the outdoor classroom is helping with social distancing and getting students outside. The outdoor classroom has electricity, is wired to use an overhead projector, and with a generous donation, will have increased wireless internet connectivity in the next few weeks.

There is a time capsule from the Senior Class of 2021 located in the classroom. DCC wanted the seniors and students to be recognized for all they do. When future generations find it and open it, it will be a testament to the first school year since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Students and teachers are enjoying the outdoor classroom. “I love the openness of the outdoor classroom. It gives us a break from the indoor classroom setting while still being in a classroom. It is so peaceful, and it isn’t as loud and crowded as the indoors can sometimes feel,” 8th grade student Breanna Yale said.

“I love having the outdoor classroom! The students have been really excited to use it. I think the change of scenery, mixed with the fresh air, makes using the outdoor classroom an enjoyable learning experience,” middle school teacher Mrs. Nelson said.

DCC is thankful for the opportunities that the outdoor classroom brings!