DCC’s Musical Production Cinderella Reborn In April 2021

DCC’s Cinderella is Scheduled to Proceed in April, 2021 After The Coronavirus Pandemic Postponed The Production in March, 2020

Cinderella 2020 Cast

Cinderella 2020 Cast

Michaela Armanini , Writer

The coronavirus pandemic postponed and cancelled many activities that were scheduled to happen at DCC during the 2020 school year.

The shutdown, and the last in-person school day that occurred on March 13th, 2020, happened only a week before DCC’s production of Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella was scheduled to hit the stage.

This year, the hope is that DCC will be able to pick up the pieces and recast for the Cinderella production to hopefully be reborn in April.

Recasting is scheduled for the week of March 1st, as five of the leads in Cinderella were seniors of the 2020 class and some of the other leads do not presently attend DCC.

“Although our five seniors last year were very talented in their roles, there is a lot of talent in our school, and I believe that we won’t have a hard time recasting these roles,” play director Ms. Carol Korthaus said.

“Our biggest challenge will be navigating the unknowns of the pandemic,” choreographer and play director Maria Zaffuto said.

Set designers Kris Wingert and Dan Youngdahl noted that almost all of the set pieces are completed from March, 2020. “We are ready to go whenever practices continue,” Kris Wingert said.

DCC’s Cinderella is currently scheduled to hit the stage Friday, April 23rd, Saturday April 24th, Sunday April 25th, Friday April 30th, and Saturday, May 1st. DCC and the Cinderella cast hope that they will finally be able to perform Cinderella!