Middle School Art Introduces Students to New Techniques

Allison Robinson, Staff Writer, Photographer

Mrs. Gardner’s middle school art rotation is for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. 6th grade art mainly focuses on learning techniques that other artists have used and create their own works inspired by other artists.

How can 6th graders apply this to their lives? “The students learn to think creatively and can apply techniques used in the arts in their own personal life if they would like,” Mrs. Gardner said.

In 7th grade, “students learn about art techniques such as perspective and coloring techniques that make their work pop using multiple art making materials,” Mrs. Gardner said.

How can 7th graders apply art to their lives? “Students learn to think creatively and will hopefully take what is learned in this class and use it in their personal artwork outside of school,” Mrs. Gardner said.

8th grade art focuses mainly on contour. Contour drawing is a fancy term for sketching, focusing mainly on outline. “Students create their own restaurant name and logo, they also learn to think creatively,” Mrs. Gardner said.