A New DCC Club Emerges: Kids and Confidence

DCC students help kindergarteners gain confidence while learning during the uncertainties of a pandemic


Club members explain positive affirmations to Mrs. Pompeii’s kindergarteners

Michaela Armanini , Writer

After discussing how this year’s kindergarten class is doing with teacher Mrs. Pompeii, DCC senior Michaela Armanini realized that children in this age group are struggling to understand the social changes due to the pandemic, and this is impacting their confidence.

As soon as they were getting used to their preschool routine, our nation shut down, and now they are learning how to navigate a brand new life in school during the pandemic.

“I have a wonderful class of children, but I have definitely seen a change in their confidence. Many of my students are unsure of what is happening regarding the pandemic and are uncertain with wearing masks. In my twenty-five years of teaching, I have not seen as many children cry as I have this year, and it is harder for them to leave their parents at the beginning of the day,” kindergarten teacher Mrs. Pompeii said.

To try and give kindergarteners more confidence in themselves as they battle the challenges of their first year in school since everything shut down, senior Michaela Armanini started a high school club called Kids and Confidence.

“My goal in this club, and the goal of the members in this club, is to remind the kindergarteners of their worth, capability, and strengths while teaching them of Jesus’ love for them while also gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities,” Armanini said.

To keep club numbers small due to coronavirus precautions, the club members include senior Michaela Armanini, senior Maria Werner, junior Sophia Ginther, sophomore Eva Bloom, and freshman, Julia Werner. After the pandemic is under more control, the club will be open to more students!

The club will meet twice a month with the kindergarteners, and will do fun activities such as coloring, games, and music as the club members teach them of the importance of positive affirmations and believing in themselves and their God given strengths.