DCC Kindergarten Enjoys Superhero Music Lesson – Video

DCC elementary music teacher, Nicki Forsythe, had been using Legos and other manipulatives to teach rhythms for the last few weeks. Her kindergarten students understood the concept of rhythm on a theoretical level but were struggling with how to apply notes/ rhythms to songs, words, and other musical ideas.  That’s where the superheroes came in! By using words the kids already knew, they were able to match them up with the notes and rhythms they had been learning.

According to Mrs. Forsythe, “For instance, Superman was broken down into its 3 distinct sounds. Su Per Man. We then used the notes available to us to map it out on the board which helped us clap the rhythm as a class. Su Per Man resulted in “quarter note, quarter note, half note. Once we clapped and sorted their favorite superheroes (and villains!) we did a superhero dance.”

She continued, “My line yesterday was ‘ If you’re going to talk about superheroes, why not wear a cape!’ The capes and masks, along with each student choosing their own super name, brought another level of fun to an already exciting lesson.”