Middle Schoolers Learn Computer Skills

Student practices typing similar words

Allison Robinson, Staff Writer, Photographer

Mrs. Kramer’s Computer class is a rotation for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The class is so much different this year. Mrs. Kramer would normally have the 7th graders for a semester. “I had to cut projects out to condense the curriculum. Depending on the grade, we continue to increase typing skills, but then I add in addition instruction,” Mrs. Kramer said.

Sixth grade Computer mainly focuses on Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. “This will be changing next year,” Mrs. Kramer said. “We will transition to Everyone Can Code, learning coding language and functions for a digital age.”

Seventh grade Computer focuses on presentation tools such as Microsoft Sway. Students work to improve their presentation skills and participate in hands-on on STREAM activities.

Eighth grade Computer advances middle schoolers with the use of Microsoft Office by making them pros using Microsoft Word and introducing them to Microsoft Excel.

Computer is applied to real life by the use of problem solving, communication, and collaboration.