A Final Farewell: Mrs. Carol Korthaus Retires After 34 Years of Teaching at DCC


Michaela Armanini , Staff Writer

Mrs. Korthaus is well known and greatly admired by DCC and the DuBois community.

She began teaching at the DuBois Central Christian School in 1987. She taught English 10, A.P English, Gothic and Romance, Communications, Short Story and Novel, and Journalism. She conducted multiple extracurriculars such as the Cooking Club, CARE Team, Drama, and Mock Trial, and she also chaired The Bid Around the Maypole. To top it all off, she additionally coached golf and tennis and produced the school newspaper, yearbook, and photography.

Not many can remember a time when Mrs. Korthaus wasn’t teaching at DCC, but initially she did not intend to be a teacher and thought of perusing other careers.

When she was eight years old, she attended a summer camp called Camp Rosary in the Laurel Mountains, and the wife of Seven Springs Resort’s Director was her camp counselor. As Mrs. Korthaus got older, she knew she wanted to work in the hospitality field.

She achieved that goal early as the Activities Director at Seven Springs Resort and lived there for a year when she was trying to decide her career path while working in the hotel’s hospitality business. During this time, she received her B. A. in English from Dunbarton College of the Holy Cross in Washington D.C., and she eventually studied for her post graduate degree at Duquesne University, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, and IUP to earn her education credits.

Then, she was offered a teaching job in Pittsburgh at St. Mary of the Mount, a catholic high school, where she taught social studies for two years. As someone who earned a degree in English, you can imagine that social studies “wasn’t her thing,” so eventually she went back to Seven Springs Resort and got a job teaching English in Rockwood, PA where she taught for three years.

After this, she was promoted to the Director of Sales at Seven Springs Resort where she helped expand the hotel into a major conference site. Mrs. Korthaus was responsible for the resort’s business meetings, conferences, and major conventions; she felt this was, “a very cool job.”

During her time working in this position, she met her husband, Tom, who was one of her clients at Seven Springs Resort. Their first date was playing golf on the Seven Springs Resort course (her “home field”) and he let her win although she claims, “he was better than I at golf.”

Over time, they got married, and she became a bonus mother to his three children. After working at Seven Springs for 20 years, she and Tom moved to Des Moines, Iowa, when he was transferred there to be the president of his division.

While in Des Moines, she wanted to go back to law school, but she and her husband did not like living in the Midwest. That Christmas, he was offered a job at Riverside Bilo as president in the sales and marketing department, and it was, “very easy for her to come back to Pennsylvania.”

When she moved to Treasure Lake, she met a lot of, “cool, neat friends, that kept bugging me to teach at the catholic school.” When another well known and beloved DCC teacher, Mrs. Kunkle, left for maternity leave, Mrs. Korthaus decided to step in as the English teacher. “That is how I ended up here, and that is the truth,” says Mrs. Korthaus.

She loved everything about DCC and her students, which is why she was involved in so many activities throughout her thirty-four years at DCC.

Students and teachers who know her agree that she is, “always full of energy and the life of the party; she is always willing to work on an event or project that would benefit the kids,” Mrs. Blasdell said, who taught alongside her for many years at DCC.

Not only did Mrs. Korthaus make an impact on both schools, but she also produced thirty-four musicals in her time at DCC. These musicals raised money for DCC and gave students confidence as they learned the ways of theater and drama.

Mrs. Korthaus’ plans during retirement include golfing, tennis, bowling, and playing bridge with her friends as well as spending time with her beloved rescue dog, Lizzy.

She will be greatly missed at DCC, but the impact she made here will never be forgotten, and she will always be appreciated.