DCC Dress Down Day Benefits Afghan Refugee Children


DCC students donated money to dress down in red, white, and blue on Thursday, September2.  The donations will benefit the the refugee children who are coming to the United States.  Many of the children are arriving without parents and have absolutely nothing.

Sgt. Kevin Hollander, the Air Force recruiter stationed in DuBois will deliver the donations to an Air Force Base in New Jersey.  The money will be used to purchase toiletries, clothes, snacks, and toys for the refugee children.

According to Mrs. Tara Kramer, “This is a great way for our students to practice Christian service and help others in need.”

When asked, “What do you hope the children feel when they receive the clothes, toothbrushes, and toys that will be given to them from their donations;” one of the students responded, “I hope they feel welcome and that people care about them.”