“Mass Buddies” Draws DCC Community Together


Mass has been streamed weekly to DCC classrooms, and only attended in-person by individual classes since the pandemic began. But on Wednesday, Mass was attended in the auditorium by Grades 1, 2,3 and their buddies in grades 7, 8, and 9.  The students sat every other seat to maintain social distance.  Students who were not in these grades still participated in their classrooms with the streamed version. Next week, students in the other grades will participate.

Mrs. Becky Dutra, Central’s Campus Minister was pleased to see the older students act as role models for the younger ones, and the energy of the elementary students inspire the older ones.

Fr. David Whiteford, DCC theology teacher, was the officiant and reminded students that they have the power to give each other a blessing.

The music ministry was made up of high school students and middle school students under the direction of Mrs. Jodi Stewart and Mrs. Nicki Forsyth.  They added their joyful spirit to the Mass with the songs – “Indescribable” and “Trading My Sorrows”.

At the end of this opportunity to worship as a community, one of the students commented, “I didn’t realize how much I missed having Mass like this.  It was great!”