Plans for DCC’s Spirit Week are Underway


Spirit week has been a part of Central history since the 1980s.  It was celebrated in a small way last year because of the pandemic, but it is due for a revival this year with some precautions.  Student Council sponsors the event each year under the direction of their advisor, Mrs. Kate Kunkle.

Theme days will be held throughout the week of September 20-24.  Giving students a chance to dress in fun and expressive ways.  Throughout the week classes will be preparing their skits for the morning presentation on United Way Day on Friday, September 24.  This year’s theme for classes is careers.  Check below for the profession each class has been assigned.  The sophomore class was assigned teachers, and there is a rumor that several students will do their impersonations of some of the staff.  The skits are always full of laughter and fun, and it is great to see the older students help and cheer on the younger ones.  This year the skits will be streamed to part of the MS-HS to allow for social distancing.

Then it’s time for games which is a great way for students from a variety of grades to come together.  Two sets of activities are held one before the picnic lunch and one after.  The games range from soccer to Kan Jam to board games.  It’s a fun relaxing time to enjoy the school grounds and each other.

Finally the day ends with a Powder Puff game between the senior and junior girls.  Shirts are already being designed for the event and the class coaches are already developing their strategies.

According to one teacher, “I love the way the whole school works together for a great cause and appreciate the class unity that comes from working together on a skit.”

Spirit Week is a week to take away the stress of school. Although it is early in the year, it gives students the opportunity to express him or herself through clothes, skits, and activities. Spirit Week is an amazing opportunity for new students to become a part of the Central family. From memories past to memories yet to be made, Spirit Week is a Central tradition and an event to look forward to each year.

Themes for United Way Day. (Friday, 24 September)

6th grade-Astronauts

7th grade-Actors/Actresses

8th grade-Law Enforcement/Firefighters

9th grade-Musicians

10th grade-Teachers/Professors

11th grade-Medical

12th grade- Pro Athletes